Insight Genesis Challenge

Scandinavian Challenge

Map your own Success

    To Enter:
  • 1. Go Fishing
  • 2. Record your sonar logs
  • 3. Upload your logs to the GoFree cloud


WIN! 1x Monthly 1st and 2nd prizes awarded per region. Every participant who uploads 5000 acres or more in the entire period receive a 1 year free premium subscription to Insight Genesis. 1ST Prize HDS Gen 3 7”. 2nd Prize Elite-7 Ti.

Session Winners

1st Prize:: Jari Saranen

2nd Prize:: Stig Björk

Challenge Sessions

First session: 1st Jun to 30th Jun
Second session: 1st Jul to 31th Jul
Third session: 1st Aug to 31th Aug
Fourth session: 1st Sep to 30th Sep

Contest Rules & Prizes

  • Individuals can win a maximum of two monthly awards in 2016
  • All winners of the 2016 Insight Genesis Challenge are asked to submit a short video explaining their experiences with Insight Genesis.
  • In order to participate to the Insight Genesis Challenge, you will need to be resident of one of the countries participating to the Challenge and select the right challenge according to your country. The participating countries are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Croatia and Malta.
  • Sonar logs cannot be submitted twice. Multiple, duplicate entries can be grounds for dismissal from the Insight Genesis Challenge.
  • 1 monthly 1st and 2nd prize offered per region to the user that records and uploads the highest acres in that region
  • In case of a tie, the tie will be broken based upon the best coverage in the determination of the judges.


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2017 Standings

  1. Niklas Fahlesson
  2. Jari Saranen
  3. Stig Bj?rk
  4. Teppo Karp
  5. Erik Grimsøen
  6. Jonathan Jansson
  7. Øyvind Berg
  9. Mats Dahlund
  10. Joakim Snorring

March Standings

  1. Andreas Dahlquist
  2. Mathias Bergendahl